Securely Sealed


How it works!

Attach the start of the roll with the first sticker, wrap the sealplastic horizontally and vertically around suitcase or bag and attach the end of the roll with the second sticker. Your baggage is securely sealed.



Travel safe

SecurelySealed seals a bag or a suitcase in a trice and ensures a better protection against damage and theft on the the way over, during travelling and on the way back.



Environmentally friendly

SecurelySealed is made from PE (Polyethylene). When recycling the PE, no toxic gasses or substances are released, ensuring that SecurelySealed is environmentally friendly.



Mailbox friendly

SecurelySealed has a thickness of only 3cm and fits through the mailbox. This saves on shipping cost and the delivery does not depend on the delivery times of the parcel delivery company.